Asset Management

We provide engineering solutions for oil & gas upstream sector with focus on subsurface asset management using cost effective, tested wells and reservoir management (WRM) practice.

At CypherCrescent we  always strives to meet our client’s needs by offering methods for assessing the effectiveness of well and reservoir management programs, making these assessments systematic to improve communication and a common terminology in ensuring a comprehensive well review and a more complete listing of improvement opportunities.

Our highly innovative product SEPAL is an all-in-one well and reservoir management software that manages /analyses production performance. The software is arguably the first of its kind in the industry for end-to-end well intervention surveillance, documentation, well modelling data, well integrity and well intervention operations management.

Our team comprises of professionals covering the disciplines of geology, petrophysics, reservoir and petroleum engineering, completions and production engineering, and petroleum economics.

Our team helps upstream operators to:
  • Digitise and manage well schematics with associated intervention histories on a single platform to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify and focus attention on high-value opportunities to improve production performance.
  • Identify candidate well(s) for intervention opportunities for enhanced production.
  • Provide robust well integrity management system to help clients perform risk assessment on operated and non-operated wells.
  • Reduce cost overruns due to inaccurate analysis resulting to poor business decision making.

Data Democratisation

In order to improve data silos and traditional industry practice of data collection, storage and access, our highly innovative product SEPAL makes data available to people who need it and have the skill sets to deriving meaningful insights from it. Our clients can not only improve their dynamic decision-making, but they can also expedite enterprise data integration and decentralisation.

Data captured in SEPAL

  • This information includes data such as:
  • Reservoir fluid analyses
  • Static pressures
  • Pressure-transient tests
  • Flowing pressures
  • Periodic well production tests
  • Monthly produced volumes of oil, gas, and water
  • Deviation survey