CypherCrescent is looking for Applied Mathematicians!!!

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CypherCrescent is a software and engineering research based organisation with current focus in the oil and gas industry. We confront engineering problems that might have simple textual but complex mathematical description. It is the job of the applied mathematician to convert the verbal description of physical problems to mathematical representation, apply the knowledge of geometry, statistics, differential equation, linear algebra and integral transforms to provide solutions to such problems.

Consider the following problems:

  1. How do we trace the locus of pressure-temperature curve of a quality fraction for a reservoir fluid?
  2. How do we isolate a level path given a 3D spatial distribution data (Geological information presentation)?
  3. How do we identify the best statistic distribution model for historic data and enable power of accurate future predictions?
  4. How do we trace the spread of (and monitor the evolution of) contaminants through our stream for proper remediation and protection of Nigerian hydrosphere?

If you recognise that:

  1. The first problem requires the knowledge of error control in numerical solution of systems of ordinary differential equations of thermodynamics of fluid.
  2. The second problem requires the ability to compute equation of circles, determine incircle vs outcircle points, and cyclic directional order of 3 points in a 2D plane (Calculus of several variables).
  3. The third problem requires the ability to create statistical distributions, parameterize a matching function, and solve nonlinear systems of equations and measure performance of your statistical distribution.
  4. The fourth problem involves the ability to model contaminant transport, apply methods of integral transforms (in cases of simple geometries) and the use of Heaviside functions to mathematically describe remediation activities (disturbances).

CypherCrescent is looking for you!!!

Note: No CV required. Just send details of similar problems you have tackled using the knowledge of geometry, statistics, differential equation and/or linear algebra to