Engineering Software Development

We are concerned with developing engineering software to solve challenging engineering problems, answer novel or emerging questions and satisfy all the requirements that customers have. When providing solutions involving proprietary intellectual property, we respect our client’s information and products and take protecting it seriously.

We apply engineering concepts, techniques and methods to the development of software systems at the level of complexity our clients need – from simple engineering tools to high-fidelity physics-based simulation codes. Available options include stand-alone tools, technology modules for larger packages, middleware to connect packages, etc.

Our highly innovative product SEPAL is an all-in-one Well and ReservoirManagement (WRM) software used for:
Well Schematic and Intervention

Create and manage  well schematic, intervention and workover history

Well Integrity Management

Generate well barrier schematic and manage well integrity

Production Analysis

Manages importing, visualising, and reporting of production records

PVT Analysis

Generates, manages and integrates PVT data with WRM data

Reservoir Analysis

Manages reservoir data for material balance analysis, simulation and production forecast

Production Optimisation

Manages well modelling and surveillance for optimal production performance