Our Products and Services

We don’t just stop at selling our products; we offer clients a unique range of services, combining proven technology and engineering excellence to monitor and preserve the integrity of their wells. These include consulting, training and technical support. We also pride ourselves in providing bespoke services to what best suits our client using advanced technologies to achieve an unparalleled customer service.

Our objective is to help our customers understand their wells, optimize well reviews with integrated cross-disciplinary workflows thereby reducing man-hour loses/ downtime, to enable quick decision making and optimize production performance.

SEPAL WRS Solution is a business intelligence tool for production optimization, well and reservoir surveillance in line with WRM best practices. It was designed to help companies stay efficient, focus on Well and Reservoir Management (WRM) and identify high value opportunities for well intervention. The software is arguably the first of its kind in the industry for end-to-end well intervention surveillance, documentation, well modeling data, well integrity, management, production optimization and reservoir performance analysis.

  • Create and modify well schematics alongside deviation survey information
  • Manage thousands of well schematics in one “digital” database
  • Easily query schematic database to support business decisions like SG/FG proposal
  • Supports data transfer with vendor applications and also consistent with WITSML requirements
  • Track and visualize well configuration changes over the well’s life cycle
  • Capture and preserve histories of well schematic vintages
  • Manage reviews and track well interventions & workover operations
  • Well Intervention candidate selection and scheduling
  • Well Barrier Schematics generation
  • MAASP Calculation from input data
  • Wellhead and Christmas tree reports
  • Well Integrity status report
  • Well integrity reports and flag deviations that may lead to loss of containment
  • Visualize well evolution and determine optimization opportunities.
  • Well Surveillance Reports
  • Well Modeling Data Management
  • Generation of equipment data for well modeling
  • Generation of deviation survey report and visualization of well trajectory
  • System Analysis (Inflow/Outflow performance visualization)
  • Well Operating Envelope
  • Production data analysis/visualization
  • PVT correlations/equation of state management
  • Material balance analysis
  • BHP data management/surveillance
  • Fluid contact monitoring
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • FG and SG proposal support