Structured Engineering Presentation & Analytics Library (SEPAL)

a business intelligence solution to enhance production & safeguard asset integrity

SEPAL offers an integrated approach to wells and reservoir performance management through the following solutions:

  1. Production and Reservoir Performance Analysis
    • Production data visualization/reporting porting (water/sand etc production trend) -
    • Material balance analysis
    • PVT-fluid properties
  2. Wellbore Schematic Analysis
    • From production trend,review schematics for optimization opportunities
    • Generate Schematics in XML formats
    • Update schematics while retaining the former
    • View well completion details
  3. Production Log Analysis
    • Reads ASCII tile aiding visualization of petrophysical data
    • Query data from other petro-physical tools
    • Qualitative interpretation of log signatures

Who needs SEPAL?

Engineers and managers are in continuous search for efficientways to deliver improved results and higher returns on investments. SEPAL is a sure game changer for anyone tasked with the responsibility to optimize production and safeguard asset integrity.Therefore, the following shall find SEPAL very valuable:

  • E& P Companies: Your asset management experience could never have gotten any easier; you can now standardize world lows,simplify rigorous processes and derive more value from your asset.
  • Oilfield servicing Companies: Provides a unified platform for preserving,sharing, analyzing, managing and reporting wellbore and reservoir information.
  • Petroleum Research Institutes: Utilize the technology to improve learning and research processes and outcomes.

SEPAL is designed to help organizations;

  • Manage, analyze and visualize reservoir data, production performance data, production logs and well status diagrams as well as their intervention history on a single platform
  • Improve operational efficiencies with automated cross disciplinary workflows for manual and routine tasks
  • Encourage enterprise-wide sharing of operational and review information
  • Entrench an extensive and flexible platform for user privilege administration to control sensitive information




We are committed to ensuring that our clients feel comfortable and confident with our products. Bearing that in mind, we offer customized training option to suit end-user needs, either on our premises or on – site at your company to build your skills on and around our engineering solutions.



Working closely with our clients, we are able to evaluate the time frame for complete product integration .Our products are built with an open architecture to enable a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.



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SEPAL-Wellbore Schematic Editor (WSE) is a comprehensive well status diagram creation and management solution developed to provide the following functionalities:

  • Contains a Rich Toolbox" with standard well components
  • Provides flexibility to import customised components in a variety of formats
  • Keeps inventory of all wells and their status
  • Capability to query the database for analysis and customized reports generation
  • Query results can easily be visualized
  • Create, update, manage and track changes to well status diagrams
  • Status diagrams are stored in a dynamic extensible markup language format (XML) and can be queried for analysis and customized reports
  • With the help of the digitized wellbore schematics, a query can be written to extract data of interest like "the extraction of gas lift mandrels depth from all the gas lifted wells"

Well status diagram: Displays intervention operations (water shut-off and re-perforation) on same well



The well integrity functionality

  • Simplifies the process of calculating MAASP
  • Offers a unified platform for capturing, updating and preserving data required for MAASP calculations
  • Automate MAASP calculations thereby significantly reducing human errors
  • Presents MAASP results I reports in visually appealing formats
  • Renders results in ISO standard with flexibility to allow clients adapt to preferred standards


MAASP Report: Standardized and slmpified MAASP workflow with results easily generated


Well Intervention History Management

WIHM feature in SEPAL is unique and robust. It carries out the following:

  • Records the objectives of the well intervention, maintenance or well review and other useful operational details to aid future reference
  • Captures historical intervention in a smart chart - (Well Evolution Chart) for enhanced visualization and quick decision making
  • Retains previous historical status when updates are made
  • Presents MAASP results I reports in visually appealing formats
  • Renders results in ISO standard with flexibility to allow clients adapt to preferred standards

Evolution Chart: Visualize interventions and maintenance histories for rich well reviews and quick decision making

Advanced Analysis with SEPAL

SEPAL is delivered with a structured analyses library module - SEPAL development environment,to make analysis more delightful. Below are some of the key highlights of the SEPAL analysis module

  • Flexibility to write simple analysis functions, and create calculated variables and subroutines with full lntelliSence support
  • Robust computational system with concise, shorter and user friendly codes
  • Translation of written codes and calculated variables into equivalent pictorial representation

Analysts Library: Create custom and use in-built functions for various engineering analysis


SEPAL was built with an open architecture to allow communication with third party applications.Advanced users can also use the optimization library in SEPAL to carry out full material balance analysis within SEPAL with in place PVT matching,pressure QC and aquifer regression.


The importance of customized reports in an organization cannot be over emphasized. With the customized report capability of SEPAL. visually appealing surveillance and production reports can be designed and added to the application as plug-in (dynamic link library) to serve the needs of different users,contractors, JV partners and regulatory agencies on demand. See below a typical bottom hole pressure (BHP) static gradient (SG) survey proposal report added to SEPAL to support asset surveillance activities.
With conventional "technology" used in the industry today, this report takes the engineer on the average between 2 to 5 hours or even more to prepare depending on the experience level of the engineer with more than 90% of the time spent searching for the  "right" data. However, if SEPAL is embedded in an organization,engineers need 2 to 5 minutes to generate this report hence a whole lot of reports can be generated within hours.
There are lots of other time saving reports like this that can be designed and added to the application to improve organizational efficiency and improve compliance to company and regulatory standard


Whatever is your preference, SEPAL offers a variety of tools which enable you map an asset, view production data and analyze problems, thereby handling large volume of data sources and managing more assets with less time and manpower.

Well Type Distribution: Displays distribution of well types and their x and Y coordinates


At runtime, reports are dynamically populated thereby providing real time updates at anytime.

Using a rich elegant design, managers and engineers can examine intricate date within or across several oil fields. Depending on the user's convenience, SEPAL reports are created in either customary tabular format or as graphs,showing data progression over time or distribution at certain instances.

Several standard report formats (templates) are in-built in the software to further ease the process of generating reports.

SEPAL provides robust tools for these templates to be quickly and flexibly customized by users to meet specific needs and improve the aesthetics of data presentation.

Perforation Length Disttibution: Displays summary of perforation length in each well



The general purpose plots facilitate the understanding of comparisons, patterns, and trends in data.

SEPAL provides conventional (linear, logarithmic, or log-linear) charts.

In cases where an analyst needs to plot data in other forms, our Analysis library enables data transformation and in other situations, SEPAL enables tables containing unique data to be created by the user and imported into the application ensuring that various data types and graphs can be plotted.


Single Object Report: Displays areal plots of production data versus time for quick look analysis

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