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Catch CypherCrescent and Team at NAICE 2017

Catch CypherCrescent and Team at NAICE 2017
CypherCrescent is an indigenous oil and gas servicing company that focuses on petroleum engineering, software development and engineering consulting. We are committed to providing efficient, high value adding solutions to the oil and gas industry by providing innovative and cost effective business intelligence solutions.
We pride ourselves in being the first wholly indigenous company to provide software development built from scratch in Nigeria. It is our goal to help our customers understand their assets better, reduce operational costs, man hour and risk, maximize and optimize recovery and production and preserve the integrity of your asset – by employing advancedtechnology.

Our services

Our services have the capabilities to maximize asset value through efficient well and reservoir management.
Our solutions aid our clients - and in general, the oil and gas industry by revealing latent production optimisation opportunities in their existing assets, diagnosing potential threats to optimal asset performance, ensuring overall efficiency and improving the success rate of intervention activities.
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Past NAICE Experience and Awards

CypherCrescent is no stranger at NAICE.
In 2014 and 2015, we won the best exhibitors award in Category 2.
In 2017, we do not plan to relent on our standard and will bring new additions to our category.

NAICE BEST EXIBITOR 2014 AWARDSPDC Nigerian content Exhibition 2015

New Innovations

Some of what we are bringing this year includes :
  • Our award-winning, innovative software – SEPAL,
  • Petroleum engineering researches
  • Our asset management portfolio.
Our flagship well and reservoir management software SEPAL is an all-in-one well and reservoir management tool that manages wells and its modules in a single database. It defines well opportunities, enhances productions, simplifies well integrity management, encourages quality decision making all by deploying advanced technology.



Our continuous and on-going petroleum engineering researches birthed a PVTSS software for PVT characterization studies –a database that stores and organizes multiple PVT data.

Our Activities at NAICE 2017

Lineup of activities includes:

  • exhibitions

  • presentations

  • quizzes

  • CypherCrescent and SEPAL challenges and many more.

What sets us apart at CypherCrescent is our continuous petroleum engineering research and development to provide simplified, innovative and affordable technology solutions, asset management that are safe, sustainable and world classfor the oil and gas industry.

We have an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Some of the feedback from our clients.

Our solutions allow our clients to make smarter and efficient business decisions.
Our customers trust us to provide services that are proactive, efficient, cost saving and risk mitigated.
We are able to achieve this thanks to our experienced and skilled team who develop solutions that harness the latest technology - solutions designed to prolong the life cycle of your assets, save costs and time with high safety performance and enhance your company’s reputation.