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CypherCrescent attends the 2017 Indigenous Technology Forum held in Port Harcourt

CypherCrescent attends the 2017 Indigenous Technology Forum held in Port Harcourt
At the 2017 Indigenous Technology forum organised by Nigerian Agip/Eni in Port Harcourt we demonstrated our flagship technology – SEPAL an acronym for Structured Engineering Presentation and Analytics library.

SEPAL is a single platform solution for Oil & Gas Asset optimisation that delivers seamless multi-disciplinary integration throughout the value creation journey from data democratization to business decision.
We were able to prove that the fundamental basis for most technology is applied mathematics complemented with domain knowledge and programming skills critical for bringing to life any research solution.

SEPAL represents the aggregation of several brilliant solutions in applied mathematics, petroleum engineering research and software development all developed from scratch by Nigerians in Nigeria who graduated from Nigerian Universities!

Our key research areas include:
CypherCrescent  Technical Research Areas
Applied Mathematics Petroleum Engineering Research Software Development & Software Infrastructure
Computational Geometry
Advanced Matrix Algebra
Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical Optimisation (global-local maximisers and minimisers)
Root-finding Solvers (Levenberg Marquadt, Newton Raphson) etc
Mechanistic Vertical Lift
Multiphase Flow Modelling
Evolutionary Material Balance
Reservoir-Well System Analysis
PVT Modelling
Well Operating Envelope
Petrophysical Log Visualisation
Top Structure Map Visualisation
Deviation Survey Calculations and Plots Visualisation
Well Integrity Management
Agile Development
C# & WPF controls rendering optimisation
Custom C# design patterns
MVVM Software Architectural framework.
NHibernate ORM for .NET Framework.
Git Revision Control System.
Continuous Integration Servers (CIS).
EV Code signing to enhance code integrity.

At CypherCrescent we have created a company culture of respect, integrity and innovation. This culture engenders and nurtures talent, promotes a healthy workplace and boosts performance.
We do not just practice what we preach, we are what we preach!