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Discover the SEPAL™ WRFM Application - Why Top E&P Operators (in Nigeria) Depend on SEPAL™

Discover the SEPAL™ WRFM Application - Why Top E&P Operators (in Nigeria) Depend on SEPAL™
SEPAL™ is a cutting-edge software in the upstream sector of the petroleum industry. Today, several E&P Operators such as NPDC, Eroton E&P, Addax Petroleum, Seplat, BelemaOil, ND Western and a host of others are using SEPAL™ for quick intervention opportunity identification leading to production optimisation.

So, what exactly is SEPAL™? It is a well, reservoir & facility management (WRFM) digitalisation software used to analyse and manage well, reservoir & facility data in a single platform. Its advanced visualisation and analytics capabilities enable organisations make informed and timely decisions for effective asset management.

Herein provided is a brief overview of SEPAL™ and its value proposition to users.

Modules in SEPAL™
There are six (6) core modules in SEPAL. These modules are integrated to foster cross-disciplinary conjunctive collaboration amongst key WRFM stakeholders. The modules include:
  •      Production Technology
  •      Reservoir Engineering
  •      Production Geology
  •      Petrophysics
  •      Process Engineering
  •      WRFM Analytics

What Key Challenges Does SEPAL™ Seek to Address?
  •      Production decline from mature assets
  •      Poor well, reservoir and facility data availability/management
  •      Poor/No production benchmarking
  •      Prolonged analysis & decision-making time
  •      High frequency of unsuccessful well interventions
  •      Well integrity issues

Benefits of SEPAL™
  • Improved cross-disciplinary conjunctive collaboration resulting in robust decision-making.
  • Easy identification of candidate wells for intervention opportunities to enhance production through WRFM analytics.
  • High-fidelity digital repository to manage WRFM data such as geological maps, petrophysical logs, well schematics, PVT data, production data on a single platform to improve operational efficiency.
  • Full support for data import, export, and calculation chain.Changes in any module trigger re-calculations and update other modules where necessary.
  • Quick access to rich well design toolbox with design properties compliant with NORSOK, ISO, and API requirements.
  • Enhanced data management and security.