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Petroleum Engineering Data Analyst (Graduate Internship) – 5 positions (Application Closed)

Role and Job Description:

Petroleum Engineering Data Analyst (Graduate Internship) – 5 positions
As the Petroleum Engineering Data Analyst, you will work with a team of energetic and passionate petroleum engineers on projects involving petroleum engineering data. You will ensure the correct and most up to date version of data is available for our clients, maintaining standards of data integrity consistent with Enterprise Data and Systems procedure, workflows and best oilfield practice, whilst identifying and advising on continuous improvement strategies for quality data management and systems.


  • Manage and improve the corporate production and oil field historical data, ensuring accuracy and knowledge of existing deficiencies in the data
  • Identify required data types, systems of record, analytical packages, architecture and workflows to meet business requirements
  • Implement and maintain systems of record for enterprise data
  • Provide definition for the Enterprise Data Type including minimum mandatory metadata and produce required naming conventions
  • Maintain a record of all Enterprise Data Types stored as a system of record
  • Produce any required naming conventions or documentation essential for standardised management of data types across the organisation
  • Act as the single source of truth for production and oil field historical data and the single supplier of this information when requested by authorised parties.
  • Manage and budget the total costs for operating the system
  • Actively manage access and security profiles and perform regular maintenance and audits
  • Develop and implement continuous improvement plans for data management and system
  • Liaise with the Subsurface Team, identify business data and system requirements and priorities
  • Carry out gap analysis to identify data and system opportunities and shortfalls

Requirement for Eligibility:

  • Sound understanding of engineering physics and mathematics principles
  • Skilled Macro authoring in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and numerical and scientific computing in Python
  • Previous experience in digital product design including prototyping and maintaining of SQL databases
  • Be a recent “Pre” NYSC graduate / postgraduate
  • Be based in Port Harcourt and available for the internship
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills; and an ability to work in a team 
Internship location is Port Harcourt and will span a period of 8 weeks. Progression will depend on individual performance which will be evaluated at various frequencies. 

Application Process

 Stage 1: Advert and ApplicationUpon review of the eligibility requirement and responsibilities, send your CV and cover letter to
 if this role is a good match for you.

Stage 2: Invitation for Pre-Qualification Meeting/Discussion

Pre-qualification discussion will be held at this stage. Upon review of your application, selected applicants will receive an email inviting them for a discussion to appraise their interest and skillset. It involves getting to know your understanding of the fundamental concepts of petroleum engineering, engineering science, and programming. This stage will happen two weeks after the advert closes.

Stage 3: Qualification for Test Project

Following satisfactory completion of the pre-qualification discussion, a test project will be issued to all qualified candidates. The test project sets out to assess your problem-solving skills, integrated understanding and application of petroleum engineering, engineering physics and mathematics, and programming concepts.

Stage 4: Interview

The interview involves defending the work you have done in the test project and demonstration of your knowledge of engineering science and scientific computing.

Stage 5: Offer Letter

An offer letter will be sent to you, with clarification on your commencement date.