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Seplat technology week

Seplat technology week
During the Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc technology week, Cyphercrescent amongst other international asset management technology companies under the “Digital Twin, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics” technology category gave thrilling and enlightening presentations.

CypherCrescent's SEPAL technology stood tall, shoulder to shoulder with other industry standard applications in this technology category.

Our SEPAL WRFM Analytics product manager Martins Ikhuehi delivered CypherCrescent’s presentation with aplomb and cited success stories of companies who are already harnessing significant value from their asset with the aid of the innovative digitalisation solution.

Our CEO Mr. ThankGod Egbe spoke in an exciting panel session during the SEPLAT Technology week on the topic "Utilizing technology to drive operational efficiency and remaining cost-competitive".

Two key takeaways from the session are:
• Organisational support/leadership is the most important lever that can be pulled to drive cost down to $10/bbl with data democratisation coming next.
• To improve technology adoption, industry should embrace servitisation business model as it intrinsically encourages collaboration between operators and service providers.