An end-to-end web-based well activity scheduling platform that offers a robust set of features that tackle data uncertainty, improve data veracity, reduce dependency delays...

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Proactive Coordination of well activity

SEPAL DIAP enables proactive coordination of all activity in your drilling sequence, including critical pre-work tasks, company-wide rig schedule, and completions and activities.

With a powerful optimisation engine, SEPAL BFS can generate forecast results for highly complex integrated production system within a couple of minutes irrespective of the Forecast run end dates.

SEPAL DIAP promotes the following.

Improved cross-functional collaboration resulting in robust decision-making.

Improved efficiency in terms of increased response time to project changes.

Seamless projects swap to accommodate changes due to delay or accelerated

Reduced complexities in creating, updating, and managing project schedules


Enterprise Visibility & Collaboration

SEPAL DIAP is a web-based application giving users anywhere, anytime access. No downloads, installs, license keys, service packs or compatibility issues - everyone has the latest version, and quick access to quality-checked information.

Platform Independent Solution

The solution works on any device (and any operating system) connected to the internet anywhere anytime, enabling enhanced transparency and speed of decision making.

Well and Rig Database

SEPAL DIAP provides high-fidelity database for rigs and wells, and a single-source-of-truth for well and rig information.


SEPAL DIAP has powerful visualisation features such as charts and reports. It promotes increased virtual teamwork such as global teams and real-time collaboration.

Document Management

SEPAL DIAP supports easy attachment of critical documents, such as well schematics, forecast results, permits, and AFEs to the well schedule. It guarantees enhanced data management and security.

User-friendly Interface

The solution has a highly scalable interface that both novice and experienced software users can get the hang of in little to no-time.


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