Asset Management & Well Intervention

We deploy smart and cost effective solutions to improve asset management efficiency



Our integrated asset management services leverage customised software and innovative digital technologies delivered by globally recognised experts to proffer solutions that facilitate operator’s objective of enhancing production and maximising profitability.

Our operational strategy is to support oil & gas companies address asset management challenges being experienced across the organisations value chain – data, people, process and technology. Supported by an unparalleled team of globally recognised experts with diverse backgrounds, our services include:

Asset Management & Well Intervention

The key areas that these services cover

Well & reservoir studies

Well integrity management

Digital oilfield solutions

WRFM advisory services

E&P training and technical capacity development

What Clients Stand to Gain

Improved efficiency in asset review through the deployment of SEPAL WRM technology.

Seamless deployment of best practices in data management and democratisation.

Increased/optimised production at minimal cost.

Timely generation of high quality well intervention proposals.

Improved short-term oil gains using proven and cost-effective techniques.

Enhanced life-cycle value from existing assets.