Learning and Development


CYPHERCRESCENT Learning & Development

The current E&P business environment is fast-paced, demanding and constantly evolving. This necessitates that industry personnel should remain up-to-date with skills and competencies to remain at the forefront of today's digital revolution. This directly corroborates the importance of continuous learning and development for every organisation with the goal to remain competitive in a dynamic oil & gas industry.

CypherCrescent offers basic to advanced levels of tailor-made courses, advisory services, and learning solutions to meet professional requirements in the oil & gas industry. Our specialised trainings are inventive, they create sustainable competencies and improved capabilities through systemic and innovative processes.

With the growing relevance of remote working in the effective operations of many industries, it is pertinent to adopt learning & development strategies that support remote working and digital collaboration. Our e-learning option leverages technology to meet learning needs and provide effective ways to reach our audience with a mix of virtual & instructor-led sessions which simulate the in-person experience.

Our team of instructors are global experts in well, reservoir, & facility management (WRFM) and production system optimisation (PSO) and have helped organisations improve the value derived from assets through provision of consulting and training services.

Learning and Development